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Guest-by-guest, neighborhood-by-neighborhood, we extend our unique brand of hospitality to different communities through our hotels and restaurants.


In order to diversify the portfolio, Boldwater has found a niche in acquiring undervalued hotel assets that can be repositioned, converted into housing, or extended stay lodging for work force housing. This model mirrors what Boldwater looks to accomplish in their multifamily housing assets, providing the best housing with world class hospitality.

To ensure the success of each hotel, Boldwater partners with world class management companies to oversee the day to day operations. Boldwater maintains the role as an asset manager, still having a presence at
each property.

Edgar Hotel
Residence Inn


Good N U Hospitality, an arm under the Boldwater Umbrella, oversees the day-to-day operations of our six restaurants. With a real estate focus in mind, our goal for each restaurant is for it to control its own real estate. This adds inherent value to each property we acquire. 

We are proud of our team of tenured and passionate hospitality professionals all dedicated to creating memorable experiences in extraordinary, entertaining environments. Designed to fulfill the dining needs of the neighborhoods in which it serves, Good N UTM Hospitality offers professional and personal service that consistently exceeds the expectations of our guests.

Biltmore Bar & Grille
Local 149
Article 24
Biltmore & Main
Town MV